Shrine of Insanabilis – Disciples of The Void (Review)

Author: Laura Cosheril

This is the part of a review where I’d usually introduce the band and tell you a bit about them and their history. There is just one problem; I don’t know. SHRINE OF INSANABILIS are extremely elusive. Their photos feature their blurred out faces and there is next to no information to be found about their lineup or history. One thing we do know is they’re from Germany and were formed just this year. I’ve heard people say that they struggle to “connect” with an anonymous band, while I can’t disagree, it is hard to feel attached to an idea of a band, there is something strangely alluring about the aspect of anonymity. When a band becomes anonymous it is the only true way to let the music speak for itself.

I said previously that SHRINE OF INSANABILIS were formed just this year (according to the lovely interwebs). I seriously can’t believe that a band that has been together for less than twelve months can pull together such a phenomenal album. I’m still in awe. Right from their Hellish atmospheric intro “End All” I am completely hooked. Then the album really begins and we’re assaulted with demonic riffage and palpitation-inducing blast beats this album is everything you expect it to be.

SHRINE OF INSANABILIS are no strangers to pace and tempo changes either. There are so many tempo changes in this album it can be hard to keep up at times, but alas, it doesn’t sound messy or disorganised. It is an admirable feat when a band can switch it up from slow and melodic to lightening fast carnage while still sounding organised and experienced.

The track I fell in love with was “Ruina”. The tremolo guitar work and barrelling drums won me over. Then the sepulchral vocals kick in and everything just falls into place. This is the first track where we notice the regular tempo changes. In a matter of seconds they go from almost Death Metal speed to slower, melodic music. This was the track I kept coming back to and will continue to do so for weeks, I think!

As I said before, their elusive, anonymous persona does not give us any indication as to where they drew their inspiration from when settling on their sound, but judging by this release it can be anything from early SATYRICON to a touch of BEHEMOTH.

It’s not easy to break down and analyse this band at all, their music is as mysterious as their persona. To enjoy this album you must just sit back, let go and enjoy; which is exactly what I did and have fallen in love with this album. This may be one of the best debut albums I have heard this year. SHRINE OF INSANABILIS are definitely a band to watch out for in the future, they are destined for great things!

Rating: 4.5/5

1. End All
2. Ruina
3. Acausal Paths
4. (…………..)
5. Invocation
6. Still of this earth
7. Cycles And Circles
8. Acerbus
9. Omega

Wish to remain anonymous.

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