I Shall Devour – The Misanthropist (Review)

Author: Craig Matthews

Today’s review begins with some small amount of philosophy, bear with me. One of the great things about metal is that even if you aren’t a fan of a genre. You can appreciate what goes into it and what fans see in it.

With this in mind I introduce I SHALL DEVOUR. Formed back in 2010 in sunny Brisbane, “The Misanthropist” is the band’s first full length album. I have to admit, I’ve not heard of these guys before. So I don’t really know what to expect. The funky looking cover art featuring the Hindu deity Ganesha, holding amongst other things the crown. Is cool but doesn’t really give anything away.

The album starts as I think any Deathcore album should; fast, loud and very in your face. There is some impressive drumming skills from Matt Thomas.  However the Guitar work from Jem McPherson and David Wilder, while consistent seems basic, even to the point that some of the solo parts just sound like they are running up and down a scale. That being said I like the innovation in sounds they have used, the appearance of a piano and even a didgeridoo. After a brief and sinister sounding interlude breaks the album up the second half begins. I had higher hopes for the second half, the song “VI” opened straight after the interlude. It has a nice melodic intro and a catchy tune, the guitar work is more complex here, I get the feeling that the guitarists are flexing their muscles, so to speak. And by that I mean they are beginning to play some more technical music. This in my opinion makes this the best track on the album. Sadly from here the rest of the album is business as usual, to the point that I thought I was listening to the beginning again! The riffs, the drum beat and even the vocals sound very ‘samey’ throughout. I’m all for a band producing a consistent and trademark sound. But this is too much.

I’m struggling to find the right words for a conclusion. You can tell the musicians obviously know how to play their instruments, especially Drummer Matt Thomas. It just sounds very…safe, like they know what makes a good Deathcore sound and they have near blindly stuck to it. Don’t get me wrong there is some innovation and experimentation in there. I really liked the interlude for one; it just seems to me more like a band you would play in the bar while waiting for the gig to start. Good sound, just not good enough.


1. Monolithic Control
2. Wilful Ignorance
3. Logical Thought Process
4. Of Delusion
5. Interlude
6. VI
7. Awaken All
8. Spiteful Nature
9. The King
10. Intentions
11. Closing Death

Band Members
Jarrod Eaglton – Vocals
Jem Mcpherson – Guitars
Richard Bayliss – Guitars
Matt Thomas – Drums
Edward Sklavos – Bass


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