Third Island – Dusk- (Review)

Author: Craig Matthews

We have all had nightmares, now let me present the sound track to the one that wakes you up in a cold sweat.

Here we have THIRD ISLAND. This doomy three piece hails from Limerick, Ireland. Formed back in 2015 this three track EP is the trio’s first release titled Dusk, we are told that the EP will take us “on a journey of insomnia and fear”, with that in mind I’m looking forward this.

The EP starts with a dread inducing guitar riff and droning vocal description of a nightmare. I have to admit so far I am impressed, the tone of the guitar and the catchy riff just seem to set you… on edge. When the vocals come in they are a great compliment, its dark and a little disturbing, just the way it ought to be. As the EP progresses, the sound subtly does too. Each track has a slightly different tempo, the vocals change from haunting to menacing and back again the same track. Those once catchy guitar riffs now serve to fill me almost with anxiety. At this point I’m finding myself wishing there were more tracks to see how the band progress further. Though one thing I have noticed, and I think is a nice touch, Is that each track starts slow and docile and ends in a similar way, as though the listener is dozing off and starting to wake up.

Listening to this I was shocked that it was THIRD ISLAND’S first release. The band has a quality sound, and they seem to have a knack of being creepy. The guitar work is solid with nice catchy riffs that stick in your head and the growling, haunting vocals set the theme of fear brilliantly. My only wish is that they had put more tracks on this EP. I’m bloody looking forward to the album. I had the pleasure of having a chat with the band about this EP, if you would like to read this. Please click here.


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