Dreamarcher – Dreamarcher (Review)

Author: Craig Matthews

Norway has produced some great music over the years, even spawning the Black Metal we all know and most of us love. Here the frozen Glaciers have given us something else; DREAMARCHER. Formed back in 2014, these jazz musicians and session artists have been working away for two years until they were finally ready to release this self-titled debut album. Straight away a mention needs to go out to the talented Remi Juliebø of Deformat, who created the album’s artwork. It’s simple yet beautiful, and to be honest doesn’t give a lot away, I am curious.

Just because they are Jazz musicians don’t let that fool you, the album begins with a long and atmospheric intro. Then come menacing guitar and drum beats that give way to a full audio assault. The vocals of Ruben Aksnes and Ari Thorsteinsson together gives the music a haunting quality, it sends chills down my spine, for the first track anyway!

The next track ‘Impending Doom’ opens with a funky guitar riff and clean vocals, I had to check I was listening to the same band for a second; these guys certainly keep you guessing! They have their own musical style, I keep trying to pin it to a genre in my head but as soon as I do they change again. This either really works for a band or it really doesn’t, and for DREAMARCHER I’m pleased to say they have nailed it.

‘Burning The Remains’ is another worthy mention, especially for its opening bass line. It’s a funky sound and there ought to be more bass solos in music. One thing I need to mention is the production quality of this album, it sounds like these guys have been making albums for years. The sound is crisp and clean and you can certainly see why it took them two years to release an album. From that point of view it’s been two years well spent.

I’ve listened to this album a few times now, and each time I’ve found something else to like. The bass lines are funky, the guitar work is catchy with some great riffs and at the same time, able to create a dark and tense atmosphere. Speaking of dark and tense, the combination of those vocals ranges from upbeat and almost happy, to downright haunting all in the same song. It’s perhaps not an album for metal purists, they reminded me of a fusion of GHOST and PLACEBO sometimes, but if you want an album that’s progressive and full of very well played music, then this is for you!

Rating 4/5

1. Beat Them Hollow
2. Impending Doom
3. Burning The Remain
4. Close Your Eyes
5. Shadows

Band members
Kim Christer Hylland – drums, guitar
Ruben Aksnes – bass, vocals
Ari Thorsteinsson – guitar, vocals
Viljar D. Sellevold – guitars

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