RAVENCULT streams new album, ‘Force of Profanation’, via website of Metal Hammer Germany!

Today (November 11th), RAVENCULT will release their third full-length (and Metal Blade Records debut!), ‘Force Of Profanation‘. For a preview of ‘Force Of Profanation‘, head over to Metal Hammer Germany where the album is now streaming in full at metal-hammer.de.

To pre-order the record in various formats, please visit: metalblade.com/ravencult

Originating from Athens, Greece, RAVENCULT was spawned to revive the relentless side of black/thrash metal, bringing forth an unpolished, organic sound to manifest their morbid darkness. With ‘Force Of Profanation‘, they dive even deeper into the abyss of metal obscurity, delivering a merciless barrage of metallic death that continues the tradition of their trademark conceptual axis: revenge, horror and mocking of all that is holy.

See below for the official track-listing!

Force Of Profanation‘ track-listing
1. Tormentor Of Flesh
2. In Macabre Triumph
3. Beneath The Relics Of Old
4. Merciless Reprisal
5. Into Depths
6. Doom Oracle
7. Altar Of Impurity
8. Temple Of The Void

RAVENCULT line-up:
Alex – Vocals
Stef – Guitars
Kostas – Bass
JV – Drums



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