Amputate – Tortura Macabra (Review)

Author: Craig Matthews

Today my friends we are venturing into the world of Death Metal. Allow me to introduce AMPUTATE, formed back in 2011 in Southern Portugal and later moving into Switzerland, after a series of EP’s they released their first full length album ‘Tortura Macabra’

I have to admit, this is the first time I’ve come across this band, and it looks like they seem to have been hiding in relative obscurity until now, with only a few EP’s released here and there. Hopefully they are saving the good stuff for now! There’s some nice, wholesome gory cover art to give us a bit of a snap shot into the depravity that lies within.

I had my hopes set high when I pressed play; sadly I had them set a little too high. The album opens with the track ‘Amputate’, a simple yet catchy guitar riff gets things under way accompanied by a deathly shriek from vocalist Filipe Guia. It’s got the fast pace of thrash metal, but it sounds almost cobbled together, as if the band aren’t quite used to playing together.

The furious pace continues throughout the album, and they do start to show some signs of experimentation. ‘Dismemberment in Delirium’ is a good example of this, the band has adopted a heavier tone here and Filipe has adopted a much darker vocal style. Sadly all the good points here are totally blown away by some terrible production, I know this is their first album but frankly I expected more. Thankfully the production issues are only confined to a few tracks.

Things thankfully improve in the second half of the album, with those production headaches ironed out the band really seems to get into its grove. There is some high quality music here, a short sharp punch to the face comes from ‘Brutalized’ its 55 seconds of pure thrash punishment, I need a moment to shake the concussion off. But I’m sent straight into the finishing song ‘Chainsaw surgery’ another merciless assault on my senses; surely this isn’t the same band from earlier? Its fast, savage and I’m sure it could disembowel me if I was caught off guard.

This album really is a story of two half’s, in the beginning the band only just manage to pull it together, it sounds ok. But only just ok; think of the music playing in the bar between sets? And the problems with the production are unforgivable. But the second half! Once they get going we have the makings of a competent… and pleasantly warped Death Metal band, it’s like someone in the band just flipped a switch, its better but it needs more work. When they sort it, this could be a band to watch.


Track List
2.Tortura Macabra
3.Dismemberment inDelirium
5.Corpse Full Of Sperm
6.Putrefying Stench
8.Chainsaw Surgery

Band Members
Nuno Santos – Guitar/Back Vocals
Filipe Guia – Vocals
Max Grinder – Drums
Riccardo Rossi – Bass

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