The Last Alliance – An Oath Fulfilled Review

Author: Craig Matthews

Power Metal is the true warrior’s sound track, there’s nothing better than having the right sound while you’re slaughtering your enemies. Enter THE LAST ALLIANCE, hailing from New York they have been on the go since 2005 (formally ‘Batteries Not Included) and have amassed an impressive back catalogue. Their latest release, ‘An Oath Fulfilled’ is a three track EP released in November.

Pressing play we start with the title track ‘An Oath Fulfilled’ and straight away my alarm bells are starting to sound. There’s a lot going on here and sadly it’s sounding like all the band members had separate ideas and decided to throw them together, which is a shame because there are some talented musicians here. The riffs are tight with some slick sounding effects and there is a very funky bass solo, but it just doesn’t feel right, especially with the odd forty second long ‘Medieval’ sounding keyboard section at the beginning.  

I was hoping that the first track was just a fluke and the band needed a moment to get in the zone.  Track two ‘The Juniper Tree’ was better. It feels much more thought out and put together. However it is not without its own problems. While the guitar work from Dan Capeau is great, vocally I’m not impressed; they have tried to include a two part harmony and it’s just not working. Drummer Joe Murawski must be part machine to be able to play with such consistency. Though at some points it sounded like the kit wasn’t set totally right, which is a bit of a rookie mistake for a band with 2 full length albums under their belts.

Finally we come to track three ‘The Corsair’s Code’ which is easily the best track on the EP, with a sound reminiscent of ALESTORM it has a super catchy chorus and a blistering pace. I’m not sure I’m still listening to the same band I was at the start. The band sounds much more professional and the music is of a much higher quality, it’s almost like a different band snuck in without them realising. It’s a shame this EP only has three tracks, because I would have liked to hear more music of this standard.

It’s a shame that THE LAST ALLIANCE started out so poorly because if the last track is anything to go by, they have the makings of a truly great Power Metal band. But there was so much chaos at the beginning; it was like a band who didn’t really know who they were, and all the members hand a different idea how the band should sound. Sadly due to the EP only being three tracks long I didn’t get a chance to figure out who they were either.


Track list
1. An Oath Fulfilled
2.The Juniper Tree
3.The Corsairs Code

Band Members
John Ryan – Lead Vocals
Chris Montalbo – Keyboards
Dan Capeau – Lead Guitar
Ryan Berg – Bass
Joe Murawski – Drums

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