Temperance – The Earth Embraces Us All Review

Author: Craig Matthews

Today, symphonic metallers TEMPERANCE are taking us for a ride through the cosmos with their latest album “The Earth Embraces Us All”. Formed back in 2013 by a group of experienced musicians from countless well-established bands, TEMPERANCE have been steadily releasing albums since then. After the departure of their previous vocalist, they were forced to take a short break but have since found a fitting replacement and are back in the game.

I thought “The Earth Embraces Us All” was a strange choice of name for a metal album, but you can never judge an album by its name alone. Getting into the music things got just that bit stranger, there are so many elements here. TEMPERANCE have heavily incorporated electronic sound with traditional power metal style riffs…nothing unusual there I hear you say? Well they have also added folk instruments in the mix and sprinkled in ‘beauty and the beast’ style vocals from Marco Pastorino and Chiara Tricarico.

Track four “Empty lines” is a perfect example of them getting everything right. A great guitar riff complimented by sharp electronic sounds and a stellar example of how to use “beauty and the beast” vocals. This is TEMPERANCE on top form and will certainly become a crowd favourite.

Another great example of how good TEMPERANCE can be is the last track “The Restless ride” – a nearly thirteen minute epic rendition. If one track could define all the good aspects of the band, this would be it. It has a blistering pace with guitar and synthesiser trading licks with each other. The main vocal focus is on Chiara Tricarico as she shows off her impressive vocal range. The song itself is almost in three parts, broken up by piano and vocal solo sections with each part of the song sounding heavier. It’s truly a showcase of what the band can do.

The resulting sound is truly unique, the guitar riffs are mighty and wouldn’t be out of place in power metal. The electronic and synth sections are sharp and compliment the guitar sections mostly well, though sometimes are overpowering. Where they truly break the mould is the inclusion of violin, pianos and even a brilliant jazz fusion. However my main gripe is the vocals, specifically the clean duets, I just feel that it takes the edge off the sound.

TEMPERANCE play by their own rules and I really respect that, there are elements in “The Earth Embraces Us All” that I love. The sheer amount of instruments and musical styles they have included is brilliant and shows real diversity. But at the same time there are some parts that just lack the punch that I think metal should have. It’s almost like some of it is ‘manufactured’ and sadly that does drag the album down.


1.A Thousand Places
2.At The Edge Of Space
3.Unspoken Words
4.Empty Lines
7.Fragments Of Life
9.Advice From A Caterpillar
10.Change The Rhyme
11.The Restless Ride

Band members
Luca Negro – Bass
Giulio Capone – drums, keyboards
Marco Pastorino – lead guitars, clean/harsh male vocals
Chiara Tricarico – vocals

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