Death Requisite – Revisitation (Review)

Author: Craig Matthews

Everybody flex their neck muscles, today we are looking at Death Metal, or more specifically “Blackened Symphonic Melodic Technical Death Metal” that’s a mouthful right? The band in question – DEATH REQUISITE, formed way back in 1999 have released two EPs and a full length album before going quiet in 2004. After quite a significant break they re-emerged in 2011, since their reformation they have been steadily releasing EPs and singles “Revisitation” is their first full length album since 2001.

From looking at their history it’s fair to say that DEATH REQUISITE are no newcomers to the scene; however its always worrying that a long pause from making music can affect the quality of music on offer. I must say, DEATH REQUISITE utterly and spectacularly destroyed that idea. Straight away the band show us exactly what they are all about. They emanate a brilliant fusion of orchestral symphonies and frantic paced, yet incredibly precise guitar work all complimented by Vincent St James’s bone shaking growls. It’s a sonic party that just keeps going.

A great example of this is the fourth track “Nova Creatione”. It’s a audio roller coaster beginning with a calming and disarming guitar piece with light violins in the background building up to heavy, thundering riffs and ending with the kind of guitar work that makes your fingers bleed just hearing it. On top of all this, take into the mix Vincent’s guttural growls and shrieks and you get the kind of auditory chaos that has come to define DEATH REQUISITE’S sound, it’s bloody brilliant!

With an average track length of around 5 minutes be prepared for a sustained assault on your ears, but thanks to the versatility of music on offer I never find myself bored, in fact it’s the exact opposite. Every track has something new: finger shredding guitar solos, thundering riffs, deep guttural vocals and hypnotic orchestral symphonies. There’s something on offer here for everyone, and all that comes with pristine production quality.

However I do have to question the last track, at nearly 20 minutes long it’s a massive chunk of the albums overall time, and it’s totally orchestral. Don’t get me wrong it’s a brilliant piece of music and it complements the rest of the album well, I just feel kind of cheated. This could have been half the length and another two metal tracks could have found their way in there.

Overall, I’m very fucking impressed with DEATH REQUISITE and their latest work. It’s some of the best guitar work I’ve heard in a long time and I can’t praise Dave ‘Dj’ Black more and Joseph ov Moria enough. In fact I’m absolutely astounded why this band isn’t much better known, their music is superb. It’s just that 20 minute symphony at the end of the album that irks me; while it is great that the orchestra gets its own track and it is a great piece of music I just feel that we could have squeezed more metal in there, but the actual music is some of the best I’ve heard. Don’t let the complex sounding genre put you off, if you’re into metal there’s something here for you!


2.Vivens Sanctuarium
4.Nova Creatione
5.Redemptio Per Deicide
6.Ineluctable Castigation

Band members
Dave “Requisite” “DJ” Blackmore – Lead Guitar, Keyboards
Vincent Saint James Clerval – Vocals
Joseph “ov” Moria – Rhythm Guitar

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