Khaospath – … For The Devil Speaks The Truth Review

Author : Laura Cosheril

I have to admit, I’m always a little excited when I find a new band from the Scandinavia area, this is no different. Let me introduce KHAOSPATH, a black metal band from northern Sweden. Formed back in 2013, this is their second full length album following their successful 2014 release “Synagoga Obscura”.

Straight up the album cover is intriguing. I’m an absolute book nerd and this album cover is extremely reminiscent of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”, while they are clearly men and not witches on the cover, the overall feel of the art strikes my Shakespearean heartstrings. The thick outline of the figures and the lack of colour makes it look straight out of medieval England.

“Verbis Diaboli” serves as the brutal welcoming embrace of this rollercoaster album. Beginning with an eerie spoken word intro, we’re then assaulted with fast and brutal raw black metal. The guitar tone in this first track alone is enough to leave me addicted and wanting more. The vocals of Hellcommander Vargblod are piercing and spine tingling, yet again your typical black metal sound. Following on there’s a short and creepy part of the song that features Hellcommander’s clean vocals, they’re dark and mesmerising and very Pagan-esque reminding me of KAMPFAR through and through.

“The Stench of Betrayal” is my absolute favourite on the album. The guitar and drums are absolutely on point, almost to the point of showing off. When I say showing off, I absolutely do not mean it in a bad way, they’re confident but not cocky, it’s the perfect balance. This track is also the one where I feel they have their most musical diversity.

“20 Stabs for a fruitless crown” is a strange one also, it begins with a very traditional heavy metal-esque guitar intro, then comes the usual onslaught. It’s strange and unusual but it works incredibly well.

Throughout this album there are constant mood and tempo changes that keep things fresh and alive. The production is on top form throughout, keeping the raw sound while not sounding like it was recorded at the bottom of a toilet on a Friday night.

It’s evident in this album that KHAOSPATH know what they’re doing and have a knowledge and grasp of black metal that a lot of other underground bands simply don’t have. They have managed to keep the raw black metal sound while incorporating a modern twist. Music evolves and these guys are moving with the times while not straying too far away from their main goal.

Rating: 4.5/5

Hellcommander Vargblod – Vocals, Guitars and Keyboards.
Döden – Bass.
Gheist – Drums.

1. Verbis Diaboli
2. Into the Devils Claws
3. Under a Bloodstained Nightsky
4. A Blade at the Edge of Sanity
5. The Stench of Betrayal
6. Twenty Stabs for a Fruitless Crown
7. Oraculum Strigoi
8. Lunacy Triumphant
9. Ravens Downfall

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