Exorcist House Of Evil 2016 – Review

Author: Craig Matthews

Who likes a slice of demonic possession in the morning? Director David Trotti certainly does, and in his latest flick EXORCIST HOUSE OF EVIL he tries to bring all that evil goodness to us, the dear viewers. With Amy Holland as lead character Amy, Mark Holzum as love interest Luke and a budget of around $1million, we should be in for some low budget devilish fun.

In all the promotional material the publishers make a lot of noise about EXORCIST HOUSE OF EVIL being “shot in the real Exorcist house” and being “based on a true story” and sadly that really is all that’s particularly note-worthy in this film. We begin with an Exorcism being performed on a small boy. From the word go we are treated to some lacklustre effects and wooden acting, I tried just giving them the benefit of the doubt and it does get marginally better, but not that much.

Jumping forward to the now and the house where the exorcism took place has stood empty with protagonist Amy about to move back into it. Already I’m starting to feel like I might have heard this story before, because director David Trotti is following “demonic possession film rule book” to the letter. Including the concerned relative and still slightly possessed relative, it’s all beginning to fall together sadly.

Regarding camera work and effects, there’s nothing really ground breaking here. The special effects are lacklustre as I mentioned before, comprising mainly of computer enhanced black eyes and a bed with a mind of its own. One good mention is the soundtrack. It’s heavily used to emphasise scary parts and it will catch the unsuspecting viewer with a jump scare. To be honest there’s not a great deal of character development to mention either, Amy is very one dimensional and gives an almost robotic delivery and Mark (what little I saw of him) sadly follows the same path.

As the film progresses the plot is still following the same tired path, Amy is beginning to experience more and more paranormal activity and the expected chaos follows. What-ever scare factor the film had has totally gone and I found myself knowing what was going to happen before it happened… never a good sign for any movie. As we approach the ending the Director is still totally ”Demonic possession film rule book”, Dave Trotti has tried to include a few bumps in a perfectly straight plot line but nothing too outlandish and anyone who has ever seen a horror movie before will be able to see exactly how it’s going to end.

Oh dear, a very poor effort for everyone concerned. There was so much more that Dave Trotti could have done with this story. The plot line was like a train on a perfectly straight track and you could see the ending coming a mile away. While the acting at best was mediocre, I do understand that with budget constraints they have a limit to what they can do, and I wasn’t expecting a block buster film, but this is demonic possession we are talking about, there is so much scope for creative flair. A horror film is supposed to keep you up at night, not have you looking at the bar at the bottom of the screen to see how long is left.


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