Naberus – The Lost Reveries Review

Author: Laura Cosheril

I’ve been feeling like a fraud lately, it’s been an age since I’ve written a bad review, so long in fact that I deliberately sought out a release that wouldn’t normally be my cup of tea. With that statement in mind I found Aussie quartet NABERUS and their second full-length release “ The Lost Reveries”. Now, I am very aware that as a reviewer you need to have an incredibly open mind, so even though I thought these guys wouldn’t be my cup of tea, I opened my brain and indulged in this Australian release.

Straight away, I’m taken aback. The opening song “Drones” sounds like it could be straight off IN FLAMES’ “Clayman”. The melodies resounding from the guitar do not sound like something that should be on a second album… It’s too good! A game changer for me is always the vocals, if the vocals are bad it throws the entire album off, once again this is not the case here. As soon as the vocals started, I got goosebumps (hello Anders Friden!). At this point I’m thinking if the rest of the album is anything to go by, I’m in for a treat.

Low and behold I was not disappointed. “Close Your Eyes” is a melodic death metal anthem, each and every instrument was on point, working in perfect harmony with each other. Sometimes with melodic death metal, the melody can be overpowering and it loses its heaviness but NABERUS have nailed the balance.

Now, I said earlier that the make-or-break for me was vocals, but that doesn’t mean that it’s my only focus. “Embers” is a calming, purely instrumental intermission. It’s soft and calm, yet melodic and eerie, it’s incredibly enjoyable. Next comes my favourite track of the entire album, “Torch The Sky”. The guitar work is absolutely immaculate, you have piercing high notes to complement the deep chugging riffage, both guitarists feed off each other and create beautiful music in this track. Aside from the guitar, “Torch The Sky” is incredibly catchy, so catchy in fact I found myself humming it at my desk at work a few hours later… No word of a lie.

I have given this band a lot of praise so far, but as the album draws on the tracks almost seem to become predictable; you can almost see the formation of the song before you’ve even heard it. To be honest, I don’t mind. I love the music, I love their sound so a few extra songs of something good doesn’t hurt them, I just wish they’d pushed the boat out a bit more like they did with the first half of the album.

I went into this review almost wishing it was bad, I couldn’t have been more wrong. The raw emotion in the vocals, the bestial hammering from the drums, the piercing melodies from the guitars and the gut wrenching bass lines are incredibly enjoyable. Their likeness to IN FLAMES is uncanny, whether that is a good thing or a bad thing I’ll let you decide. NABERUS catch the ball and run with it creating an exceptionally good album.

Rating: 4/5

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