Xandria Worldwide Exclusive Music Video Premiere For First Track Of Upcoming Album!

The new inspiring dimension in the fantastic world of XANDRIA is getting closer. To get us warmed up while waiting for Theater of Dimensions, the band based around charismatic vocalist Dianne van Giersbergen unleashes the very first music video from this upcoming masterpiece! 
„We Are Murderers (We All)“ is a heavy duet which features SOILWORKS’s mighty Björn “Speed” Strid! The band as well as Björn are excited about the outcome. Björn recorded a nice video message  HERE.

Watch & enjoy the worldwide exclusive music video premiere “We Are Murderers (We All)HERE

Theater of Dimensions will be released worldwide on January 27th 2017 via Napalm Records!

On top of that, XANDRIA have prepared 4 SOUND BITES of the upcoming album as another tasty appetizer for you.

Follow THIS link to hear snippets of:
– Where the Heart is Home
– Song for Sorrow and Woe
– Ceilí
– When the Walls Came Down (Heartache Was Born)

The full track listing reads as follows:

  • 1. Where The Heart Is Home
  • 2. Death To The Holy
  • 3. Forsaken Love
  • 4. Call Of Destiny
  • 5. We Are Murderers (We All)
  • 6. Dark Night Of The Soul
  • 7. When The Walls Came Down (Heartache Was Born)
  • 8. Ship Of Doom
  • 9. Céilí
  • 10. Song For Sorrow And Woe
  • 11. Burn Me
  • 12. Queen Of Hearts Reborn
  • 13. A Theater Of Dimensions

Pre-Order your copy of Theater of Dimensions HERE.


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