Crimson Moon – Oneironaut – Review

Author: Craig Matthews

I love coming across new bands, I get that excited feeling in my cold dead heart. Especially when they are a Black Metal band, I get that bit more excited when they seem very obscure and I can find very little about them. Introducing CRIMSON MOON, now what I can find about these guys is that they may have been formed in 1994 in America, and they moved to Germany in 1998. In a statement on their Facebook page they say “News may or may not be available here in the near future, anything else on any other medium (blabbermouth, metal archives, forums, etc) has been proven to have errors and false information.” So I’m going to leave it at that.


With tangible excitement I set the first track on “Oneironaut” going and holy shit I was not disappointed! The sound just makes you think of despair and misery, its brilliant. The guitar work is solid with a dark and slightly hypnotic sound and Scorpios Androctonus’s tortured sounding growls and shrieks make you really feel the evil. It’s a great start but I have noticed some problems with the production, I love the bare “strip off the bullshit” sound but you don’t need to keep the glitches in to maintain that raw quality.

Continuing on this path into hell and I’m still being sonically bludgeoned by CRIMSON MOON’S frankly evil sound. The first tracks were good and as “Oneironaut” goes on they are getting better, the band are just starting to nudge the boundaries of the genre and the music is getting more complex. A worthy mention is “Seeker Of The 7th Gate” they have mixed their typically brutal sound with eerie moans and chants, it gives the track a real creepy feel and is a nice twist.

CRIMSON MOON changes their sound again at the very end of the album. They adopt traditional folk instruments and their direction changes to more of a Pagan Black Metal sound. It could have failed there, but they pulled it off and it flows amazingly though sadly like earlier there are still blips in the production quality.

I’ve got to say this was a shock, what began as good album has gotten progressively better as it’s gone on. It’s like you can hear the bands confidence getting higher as the album goes on. This in turn has made each song better and better. CRIMSON MOON has managed to create a truly dark and miserable atmosphere while being innovative with its sound and keeping it organic enough to please all fans of the genre. I just wish they had tidied up the production in some places it is possible to keep it raw without glitches.


Track List
1.Gossamer Of Arachne
2.Molding Of A Spell
3.Seeker Of The 7Th Gate
4.Weaver Of The Web
5.Urilian Worm

Band Members
Scorpios Androctonus: Bass/Vocals
Sabnoc: Guitars/Backing Vocals
Vual: Drums and Percussion
Agreas: Guitars


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