The Desolate – The Great Departure – Review

Author: Craig Matthews

Sometimes, you just need to get mad and bang your head. When you have a full on rage out, there’s no better style or genre to accompany you than some brutal and relentless Metalcore. Today’s messengers of chaos are THE DESOLATE with their third album “The Great Departure”.

“The Great Departure” is perhaps quite a fitting name because straight away I’m hearing problems with the sound. I gave THE DESOLATE the benefit of the doubt and checked my equipment…twice and it’s still there, to be honest I’m disappointed that a band with two albums under their belt doesn’t know how to set their bass. Moving on and let’s get into the music.

On the whole its ok, there are some ferocious riffs and you can hear that guitarists Nick Bielser and Craig snipes really know how to make their instruments sing. Sadly the same can’t really be said about vocalist Josh Sullivan, his screams are very unstable. One moment he could give KILLSWITCH ENGAGES’S Jesse Leach a run for his money, the other you can hear his voice about to crack. It all feels very unprofessional.

I’ve got to admit at this this point I’m ready to throw in the towel and turn it off, but for the good of Metal I carried on. “The Great Departure” is split down the middle with instrumental track “Axionic Pathways”. The ambient guitars set us up nicely for the second half of the album, which is better thankfully. “Forge” is a turning point for “THE DESOLATE”, they seem to have gotten their shit together and proved they can play good music. It’s heavy and has some savage riffs, the vocals are just right and most importantly it’s full of the raw anger that Metalcore needs.

As the album goes on things are still choppy but overall the quality of music is much better. A notable track is “Sentinel”. I’d say this is the best track on the album it has everything a Metalcore fan needs to get a pit going, from a thundering riff, to a brilliant melodic section and a catchy chorus. If the band played like this for the whole album it would have been a lot different.

I don’t generally like giving out low ratings, I understand it’s a tough industry and resources are limited but THE DESOLATE have released two albums already and should know better. The core of the music is there. The guitar work is great and when the vocals are on point, they are raw and ferocious. There are just too many rookie mistakes and it overpowers all the good parts of the album, which is a shame because under it all there’s a great Metalcore band in there. Just right now it sounds like a rookie band in their first few gigs.


Track list
2.The Great Departure
3.Fatal Frontier
4.Intergalactic Time Shed
5.Cosmic Meat Cleaver
6.Axionic Pathways
8.The Gate
9.I Have a Name

Band Members
Nick Bielser – Guitar, Vocals
D.C Snipes – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Clayton McDaniel – Drums
Josh Sullivan – Bass/Backing Vocals

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