Daedric Tales – Cult Of Ash – Review

Author: Craig Matthews

I’m going to make a confession now, I’m an avid gamer and when I was checking out band for this review I came across DAEDRIC TALES. I instantly thought of the game Skyrim and the rest is history. DAEDRIC TALES hails from Vvardenfell, Balmora…ahem Vienna Austria and were formed in 2009 when guitarist Aryan Havrest thought that the Elder scrolls saga needed an epic band. Once the line-up was stabilised they released their first EP ‘Hircine’s Call’ in 2013, since then they have been steadily working towards their first full length album.

Taking the name from the title of the EP ‘Cult Of Ashes’ is one of the catchiest songs I’ve heard to date. Beginning with a smooth subtle intro, a xylophone I believe it soon charges on with a punchy drum rhythm and powerful yet simple guitar riff. It ticks the entire “Symphonic Power Metal” checklist and has really set the bar high. The second track is exactly the same, pure symphonic goodness and you can really feel the bands passion and energy.

Singer Alexandra Kastrinakis has a vocal style that reminds me a lot of ex NIGHTWISH vocalist Tarja Turunen and in the same way as NIGHTWISH did DAEDRIC TALES have arranged the band around Alexandras powerful voice. This is by no means a complaint because it suits their music and sound very well for the most part. The problem is that ‘Cult Of Ashes’ contains acoustic covers of previously released tracks and a totally new acoustic track. While I did enjoy them I felt that a little too much emphasis was placed on Alexandra and she drowned out the other instruments.

On the whole I liked this EP, I’ve never heard of DAEDRIC TALES before and once I read that they had based their band around the lore of the ‘Elder scrolls’ series of games I was worried things would end up gimmicky. Thankfully DAEDRIC TALES avoided this buy giving us some high quality ‘Symphonic Power Metal’. They have the highly polished sound of a much longer established band and have a real energy about them. My complaint is with those acoustic tracks I got so pumped after hearing the first two songs that I found the slower pace of the acoustic section frustrating. They are good songs by any standard just misplaced I feel. Speaking of frustrated I found the EP short too, one more Metal song would have made all the difference. Overall I like DAEDRIC TALES I love their concept and their sound. They ran the risk of sounding like an endorsed gimmick but thankfully avoided that and gave us some great Metal instead. They will defiantly feature on my gaming playlist!


Track list
1.Cult Of Ash
3.Sleepers Awake – Acoustic Version
4.Rain – Acoustic Version
5.Rite Of The Wolf Giver

Band Member
Alexandra Kastrinakis – Vocals
Aryan Havrest – Guitar, Vocals
Jakob Steiner – Guitar
Daniel Stockinger Guitar
Mathias Gasser – Bass
Gonzalo Bevilacqua – Keyboard
Jakob Griller – Drums

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