Aversion To Mankind – Aversion & Hopelessness – Review

Author: Craig Matthews

Misanthropy, the general hatred of human nature… a feeling I’m sure we are all familiar with. It’s also one of the main themes behind one man Atmospheric Black Metal Project AVERSION TO MANKIND. Founded in 2009 by multi-talented musician S. “Aversion & Hopelessness” is S.’s fifth EP.

Straight away I’m hooked; the solitary high pitched acoustic guitar and sinister howling wind sounds give the music an empty almost post-apocalyptic quality. As the first song progresses S. begins to introduce synths and these add a new blood chilling quality. Track two begins with a chilling sample of a man admitting himself into hospital as he is feeling suicidal, this adds a whole new quality to the music. Emphasising the cold, dark and empty feeling of S.’s music, I have to mention S.’s decision to only use a few instruments here. Using only an acoustic guitar, a piano and a synth he is taking us through a frightening trip through the “other side” of the Human psych.

As the album goes on and we get to parts three and four S. is beginning to use his piano more and sample in more sounds from other sources. This works particularly well when they include rain and thunder sounds. All these details add together to make an already dark sounding record even more dismal. Though I am starting to become aware of S.’s guitar riffs beginning to sound similar to each other. It doesn’t affect the quality of the music that much as for me the tone of the guitar is more important than the actual riff. But I do think that this could put off some fans.

As the album ends we are treated to another vocal sample of a woman speaking in French. My French is poor at best, but I can make out she’s thankful for music. These feels like quite a symbolic end to the album, as the last part of the album began to feel much more upbeat and less dark almost as if the listener had been taken on a journey.

The way this album has been made makes it very difficult to pick a specific part of the album it’s been made to listen to as a whole. That being said it’s been made very well, the production is very crisp and tight, the guitar and piano add a whole new edge to the music and give it an empty dismal feeling in some places, while giving it a newer hopeful energy toward the end. This is a great piece of atmospheric music, I’ve just got the feeling that it may be to much for the average Metal fan.

Rating 4/5

Track listing
1. Aversion & Hopelessness I
2.Aversion & Hopelessness II
3.Aversion & Hopelessness III
4.Aversion & Hopelessness IV
5.Aversion & Hopelessness V

Band members
All music produced by S.

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