Casket Raider -Dead Moths – Review

Author: Craig Matthews

We always like to hear new blood here at Metalphobia and today’s new kids on the block are American four piece CASKET RAIDER. “Dead Moths” is their fourth release, having never heard of these guys I’ll have to defer to their social media, this claims they play “Blackened Death/Thrash” metal. I’m always excited to hear new things I can flex my neck to, so let’s get into it.

“Dead Moths” begins with “Redemption”, an instrumental track this gives a look at what we are going to be facing in the rest of the album. To be honest I’m hoping the band are just warming up here, there is a nice rhythm and a few nice guitar licks complimented by some funky bass moments, it just feels a bit dull for me. It’s not terrible though and I’m hopeful for the rest of the album.

Sadly, my hopes have been trashed. As the album goes on I’m confronted with at best, a band that aren’t really sure what they are or what they are doing, at worse I’m afraid it’s just chaotic noise. Starting with track two “Dancing With Dead Moths”, now if you remember in the beginning they said they were “Blackened Death/Thrash Metal”? it seems they have forgotten that for now. The guitar riffs are simple and uninspiring and the vocals are lacklustre. While I’m thinking about it, the production quality leaves a lot to be desired to.

It’s fair to say things are bad, and I have considered throwing the towel in on this one but I persevered. Sadly things don’t get much better, as the album progresses they do pick up the pace a bit with “TR8R” but it still lacks the punch I think any kind of Thrash Metal should have. Those vocals don’t get much better as Jordan Kloepfer tries to experiment with his vocal range…in the wrong places, it just feels all chaotic and mixed up.

Oh dear, not good for a band with a few EP’s under their belt. The production throughout hasn’t been brilliant, the actual music has struggled to live up to what they have claimed and apart from the funky opening instrumental there’s nothing really noteworthy here. But what’s grinding against me is their claim to be Thrash Metal, to me that should mean that the guitar riffs are finger shredding and the vocals are deathly growls and it’s just not here. I’m disappointed to say that this is one EP we should steer clear of.

Rating 1/5

Track list
2.Dancing With Dead Moths
4.A Perfect Storm

Band members
Jordan Kloepfer/Kilifer – Vocals
Aldo Vasquez – Guitar
Eric Michael – Bass
Alberto ‘Oddd’ Villalobos – Drums

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