Maze of Sothoth – Soul Demise Review

Author : Laura Cosheril

Greetings 2017! You’re looking well! I felt like after all of the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season I needed some good old fashioned Death Metal to beat me back into reality and what better way to do that than with MAZE OF SOTHOTH‘s new release “Soul Demise”. The Italian quartet were founded in 2009 and draw their influences from some of the greats like SLAYER, MORBID ANGEL and DYING FETUS. With influences like these, they have to be good, right? Right.

The first track “Cthulhu’s Calling” is everything you would not expect from a Death Metal album. It’s soft, eerie and chilling, everything the rest of the album is not. It lures us into a false sense of security and I was almost wondering whether or not I was listening to the right album… That is until “Lies” started and I was cemented back into place. The riffs are bestial and the drums will just tear open your chest with vocals that ruffle your soul.

MAZE OF SOTHOTH are an intriguing band in the way that nothing in this album makes sense, yet I perfectly understand it. Everything you think they are going to do, they prove you wrong and when you wrap your head around that aspect, you can truly enjoy this album. Fabio and Riccardo have done something in this album that I have not seen in a shamefully long time. Nowadays a lot of Death Metal bands stick to the confines of comfortable riff brutality that works for thousands of other bands, here Fabio and Riccardo have not just pushed the boundaries of the genre, they’ve completely redefined these boundaries to suit them and it works so fucking well. Don’t get me started on Matteo the drumming demon, he provides the basis for the chaos and truly is the foundation this twisted momentum is built on. Cristiano’s vocals and bass lines are the dark cherry on top of this metal cake, a voice that can truly wake the dead.

My favourite track on the album “Seed of Hatred” is a track that truly shows the band’s strengths. They don’t give a fuck whether everything sounds right or not and for whatever reason, it actually works. The solo in this track sounds reminiscent of SLAYER’s “Reign in Blood” album, but the solo doesn’t actually match the riffs under it, they don’t care. The guitar harmonies in this track are some to rival Death Metal greats, truly spine shattering riffage here!

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard an album sound so disorganised yet so brutal and chaotic that you forget which way is up. This is exactly the case with MAZE OF SOTHOTH. Remember when you were in school and you studied the odd music class where they told you exactly how to make music? Well MAZE OF SOTHOTH shit all over that theory and create their own way of writing music. They break every rule in the book while still making brutal Death Metal. There is no doubt here… Buy this album!!

Rating: 4.5/5

1. Cthulhu’s Calling
2. Lies
3. Seed Of Hatred
4. Multiple Eyes
5. The Outsider
6.The Dark Passenger
7. At The Mountain Of Madness
8. Blind
9. Azzaihg’nimehc
10. Divine Sacrifice

Fabio – Lead Guitars / Synth
Matteo – Drums
Cristiano – Bass / Vocals
Riccardo – Lead Guitars

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