Imperium Infernalis – Imago Dei – Review

Author: Craig Matthews

Feeling low after the Festive period? Are you sick to death of making polite conversation with people you hate? What you all need is some good old fashioned, soul searing Black Metal. Here to cater to this need is IMPERIUM INFERNALIS, a Greek five piece founded in 2003, “Imago Dei” is their second album. Now we all know that Greece has a great underground metal scene, so I’m hoping they live up to our expectations.

The answer to that is yes, yes they do. IMPERIUM INFERNALIS seem to possess an energy that I’ve not heard in Black Metal for a long time. They have taken the desolate and empty sound that a lot of bands are using and replaced it with a blinding fury that reminds me of ROTTING CHRIST. The album opens with “The burden of consciousness”, a deceptively gentle intro gives way to a brutal rhythm courtesy of drummer Savage, though I’m not sure the kit was set quite right because in some places it sounded like a wood pecker was loose in the studio. It doesn’t totally kill it though and seems only to be a one-time problem. We are also introduced to vocalist Charon who seems to be able to spit pure fury from his lungs, it’s a great start.

So often things start out great and just decline rapidly, thankfully there’s no such danger here! The frenzy continues on through the album with a few deceptive slower moments thrown in there to keep you on your toes. Though I am starting to wonder if this is more of a Death Metal pace than Black Metal as the band seems to be speeding up and throwing some serious guitar licks in for good measure. Genre arguments aside we come to my favourite track on the album “The Horror Of Recursive Realities”. This stands out to me as the track where they really show their creative flair, it manages to be fast and brutal enough to destroy your neck and dark enough to make you feel like you’ve been dragged down to hell.

IMPERIUM INFERNALIS have really lived up to the name made by so many underground Greek bands before them. The production is on point and aside from the drums sounding a bit off on the first track the whole thing sounds slick. What I do like is the fact they have taken a less traditional spin on Black Metal, every track on this album is crackling with a furious and menacing energy. Some may say that it’s more of a Death Metal or Blackened Thrash Metal sound, but I disagree IMPERIUM INFERNALIS have just taken the genre and given it a good kicking. They have set the bar high for this year, if you need the shit kicking out of you but your soul is a black pit of despair these guys are for you.

Rating – 4.5/5


Track List
1.The Burden Of Consciousness
2.The Obsidian Kosmos
3.Embrace The Savior
4.The Horror Of Recursive Realities
5.Messiah Of The Rebels
6.The Tableau Of Decomposing Beliefs


Band Members
Charon – Vocals
T.N – Guitars
The Omegha – Guitars
Savage – Drums
GoatLord – Bass

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