Drearyym – Precursions Review

Author: Craig Matthews

Here we crash into week three of 2017, with New Year’s resolutions failing all around us there is only one thing that can give us that much needed kick to put down the chocolates. That thing is Death Metal , here to have a crack at this noble craft of ass kicking are Finnish five piece DREARYYM with their debut full length album “Precursions”. Formed back in 2014 these guys have been steadily releasing singles, demos and EPs while stabilising their bands line up.

Reading some of the history behind DREARYYM I’ve found that they have entered two battle of the band competitions with moderate success in each one. Knowing this I’m looking forward to seeing what’s on offer. Things kick off with “Draugr March”, this is promising stuff with a nice piano piece to begin with and a chugging riff toward the end, its simple, effective and gets you pumped for the rest of the album.

To my absolute despair the rest of the album just doesn’t live up to this opening. The production quality for the rest of the album is at best passable, at worst dire and the variation is huge depending on which track you are listening too! Struggling through I listened on and there is some good music behind all the quality problems, “In Obsidian” is my favourite from the album, it’s full of furious guitar riffs and powerful vocals and is a great continuation of that impressive opener.

Continuing through the album I’m hoping that things improve, sadly not as the production quality remains poor throughout. I also have to mention the song “Hunters Tale”, this has to me one of the most confused songs I’ve heard! It’s like the band are trying to cram as many genre’s into one track as possible and the result sadly is just a confused mess, with the instrumental being only marginally better.

It’s a shame this album ended this way, it really is. DREARYYM are no doubt talented musicians who aren’t afraid to experiment with their ideas and give the genre a fresh different sound. They just need to get a handle on their production, the poor sound mixing just removes any of the power and soul out of the music. If it had just been one track it would have been okay, but not the whole album. I do see what they were trying to do with “Hunters Tale” and it does have potential, there’s just so much happening in there that it just sounds like a mash up. DREARYYM do have potential to be a great band, they just need to sort these issues out sadly until then it’s one to avoid.

Rating 2.5/5

Track list
1.Draugr March
2.In Obsidian
3.Nine Divines
4.Hunter’s Tale
5.Old Barn (Re – Entered 2016)
6.Hunter’s Tale (Instrumental)

Band Members
Leevi Kuunila – Guitars, Lead Vocals
Eero Ahonen – Keyboards
Kimmo Kylä-Laaso – Guitars
Aleksi Tossavainen – Bass
Mika Ilkka – Drummer

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