Ghostmourn – Voca Tenebris – Review

Author: Craig Matthews

Metal as a genre is one of the most diverse things there is. It can take you from a furious battlefield surrounded by gunfire, to a frozen Norwegian wasteland. Today we are heading over to the wasteland with one man Atmospheric Black Metal Project GHOSTMOURN. Starting in 2015 as AGNOISA the multi-talented Dorian has released full length albums and a number of demos. This EP “Vocans Tenebris” is the last before another full length album later in the year. I love atmospheric music, the bar is set very high and I’m excited to dive into Dorian’s gloomy world.

Well, things are dark in here. “Vocans Tenebris” kicks off with “Silent Tree” and I’ve got to admit that Dorian is doing a good job so far, with a slow mesmerizing guitar riff and rasping vocals “Silent Tree” manages to conjure images of frozen plains and dark forests. It’s a good opener, it would be better however if Dorian cleaned up the sound it’s raw even for Black Metal and it does kill some of the ambiance of the music.

In a total change of pace we are greeted by “Forlorn Hope”, for this genre of music this is a real bruiser. That slow hypnotizing riff has been replaced by frenzied guitars and tortured sounding growls and shrieks, it’s a good twist from the first track and mixes things up nicely Dorian isn’t afraid to play with the rules and I like that. Unfortunately it carries on the same sound problems as the first track.

The last track on this EP is “My Only Dream” is in my opinion the best. The guitar has a great mix of tempo and with Dorians versatile vocals the track manages to create a deep, brooding atmosphere blended with the raw power of Black Metal.

Overall this EP is a good example of what GHOSTMOURN are all about. Dorian has managed to create a dark and bleak world without the excessive use of synthesizers, it’s a refreshing change. That being said I do have an issue, the production is very raw even for Black Metal. The music is good now with a slightly cleaner sound it would be even better.  My only other problem is that I was getting transfixed by GHOSTMOURNS sound and the EP was too short! I’ll be looking out for their next album for sure.

Rating 3.5/5

Track listing
1.Silent Tree
2.Forlorn Hope
3.My Only Dream

All music was produced by Dorian

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