Sixstringnoise – Cold Damned Season – Review

Author: Craig Matthews

We like things that are a bit different here at Metalphobia, so when Greek one man band SIXSTRINGNOISE’S new album “Cold Damned Season” turned up I was excited to give it a spin. SIXSTRINGNOISE was formed back in 2010 by Markos and have been steadily releasing albums and touring around his homeland.

What first strikes me about SIXSTRINGNOISE is how clear and sharp he sounds, I’ve heard bands with 6 members who sound worse than this! Markos has a real talent for production and has managed to get the mix for all of the instruments just right. Things kick off with “Caledonian” a very catchy opener packed full of neat guitar riffs and an infectious energy that just draws you in for more, which Markos provides with the brilliantly named “Bum Rush”. This much faster track has a brilliant groove so far it’s great fun with Markos’ wide ranged clean vocals giving a real energy.

As the album goes on things slow down and get more serious, with the title track “Cold Damned Season” being a much more sombre affair with a much heavier riff and lower pitched vocals. It does mix the album up and shows how dynamic Markos can be, but I have noticed that his lyrics use a lot of repetition and on the longer songs this can get tedious especially on these slower and more serious tracks that lack the distraction of the funky grooves that the first tracks had.

As the album goes on I have noticed the overall sound getting heavier, especially on tracks like “Meth Lab”, this one is possibly one of my favourites. Its riff is much slower and is surprisingly Doomy, Markos even swaps out his now trademark squeaky clean vocals in favour of a low down growl. This new combination sounds fantastic and for me is a nice break from the more “family friendly” feel of the rest of the album and refreshingly less of the lyrics are repeated.

It’s fair to say that “Cold Damned Season” is a massive undertaking for Markos and SIXSTRINGNOISE. Listening to it sometimes I can’t believe that this is just one guy, he’s managed to create a funky, groovy atmosphere with the occasional smattering of something more serious and heavier. He reminds me of a cross between ALTER BRIDGE and maybe VOLBEAT, it’s nice and fun to listen to with smooth clean vocals and a real sense of energy in the music with just enough heaviness to stop it being played on the radio. Perhaps not everyone’s jam, but I enjoyed listening to it.

Rating 4/5

Track listing
1. Caledonian
2.Bum Rush
3.Things Went South
4.Cold Damned Season
6.The Broken Homes
7.Meth Lab
8.Gripes To A Deaf
9.Keep The Change

All music written and produced by Markos

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