Sunterra – Reborn – Review

Author: Craig Matthews

Today we have a Metalphobia first in the form of SUNTERRA’S latest release “Reborn”. This Austrian four piece were on hiatus but are back with their own take on “Techno-core”. Not only is this a new band for me, but a genre I’ve not come across before either, so with my mind thoroughly open I dived right in.

Things are not as I expected, “Regin Surpreme” has a surprisingly heavy riff behind it with subtle programmed electronic noises supplementing it. It’s surprisingly catchy… and then the vocals come in, holy Christ what’s going on here? Carlos, the male vocalist uses a deep growl that unfortunately sounds like Animal from the Muppets! Sadly that just kills it for me, I can see what he’s trying to do but it’s just not working.

What is working however is the other vocalist Lilly, her operatic type vocals just compliment the abstract sound of the rest of the band. “Shadow In The Dark” is a great example of how well this band works, it has the futuristic electrical samples, those haunting vocals from Lilly, another killer guitar riff and even a beautiful piano section sampled in, it’s a brilliant piece of music despite Carlos coming in right at the end.

As the album goes on SUNTERRA really kick up a gear with the blazing “This Is W.A.R.”. Their Industrial side is creeping through here, with a huge pumping beat and lots of electronic noise. I’ve got to say this is my favourite moment on this album, there’s just so much energy in their music and it just makes you want to get up and move. Sadly Carlos’ growls have still been present but even they sound great against the harsh tones of the electronic backing.

Then it all goes a bit wrong sadly the album takes a nose dive after the brilliant “This Is W.A.R.”. The last track “Shut Up” unfortunately sounds like a failed Eurovision bid, there’s next to none of the creative flair I saw in the first tracks and it just sounds like tacky synth pop. I have to admit, if I’d heard that first I’d have turned the record off.

You can’t judge an album by one track luckily but that ending was a huge let down. It’s a shame that this album had some problems, because the actual music I loved. They have managed to blend the genres of Electronic and Metal perfectly to create an abstract and beautiful sound. My only wish is that they would lose Carlos’ growls, you don’t need them Lilly is more than enough and it just makes the sound rough and jarring. If that happened this would be a brilliant album.

Rating 3.5/5

Track list
1.Regin Surpreme
2.Shadow In The Dark
3.Lord Of Lies
4.This Is W.A.R.
5.Ministry Of Thoughts
6.Shut Up

Band Members
Lilly – voice
Carlos – voice, flute
Ivan – guitar, programing
Chris – bass, lyrics

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