The Murder Of My Sweet -Echoes Of The Aftermath – Review

Author: Craig Matthews

Swedish Cinematic Rock/Metal band THE MURDER OF MY SWEET is back with their fourth full length album “Echoes Of The Aftermath”. Cinematic Metal is a totally new genre for me, I’ve no idea what to expect when I press play. Though looking at the cover I’m thinking something very symphonic, we shall see…

“Echoes Of The Aftermath” begins with “Sleeping Giants” and all in all its mediocre. There’s nothing special on offer in the way of guitar work but the riff is solid, its complimented buy lots of electronic noise and synthesisers. The real show stopper is vocalist Angelica Rylin with her smooth operatic voice she gives some passion to the song which otherwise would be lacking. It’s a passable opening but it’s not filling me with confidence for the rest of the album.

Things are slowly getting better, the track “Racing Heart” has a much better groove behind it, with a much more pronounced riff and less electronics.  Angelica’s voice is still as dramatic, to the point where she’s starting to overpower the rest of the band. Sadly I think that THE MURDER OF MY SWEET is falling into the trap of relying on their vocalist and synthesisers too much and this unfortunately leaves the rest of the music underwhelming.

I’m sat here listening hoping it gets better and they manage to get into a grove like they did during “Racing Heart” but I’m just not feeling it. The music is well produced, the instruments are played well it just seems that they are going through the motions. That being said “Shining After Dark” does show some improvement, they have recovered some of their grove. There’s a nice riff behind it and it’s incredibly catchy, what I like the most is that they are not only relying on Angelica’s voice.

The last part of the album shows marked improvement, after the mess of the beginning it’s refreshing to hear them in the zone. They are even throwing some guitar solos in there for good measure. Though to my despair they throw it all away with their last track, “Inside, Outside” is a slow mournful ballad that belongs more on the film “Titanic” rather than any kind of Metal album.

This album frustrates me, THE MURDER OF MY SWEET are obviously talented musicians but they seem to be struggling to find themselves in a genre which already has so many huge, well established names. They have the talent to do so much more and until they figure that out sadly this is one band I will be steering clear of.

Rating 3/5

Track list
1.Sleeping Giant
2.Personal Hell
3.Racing Heart
4.Cry Wolf
5.Echoes Of The Aftermath
7.Loud As A Whisper
8.Shining After Dark
9.Ode To Everyone
10.Go On
11.In Risk Of Rain
12.Inside, Outside

Band Members
Angelica Rylin – vocals
Christopher Vetter – Guitar
Patrik Janson – Bass
Daniel Flores – Drums and Keyboards

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