Fight The Fight – Fight The Fight – Review

Author: Craig Matthews

I am from the United Kingdom so musically I hold two things very dearly, Heavy Metal and Punk. So when I found an Email in my inbox telling me about a band that combined the elements of “Rock, Punk, Metal and Black metal” I couldn’t wait to get started. FIGHT THE FIGHT (originally known as Faenskap) hail from Oslo, Norway and have been very busy touring with heavy weights such as AVENGED SEVENFOLD and SATYRICON, as well as numerous festival appearances throughout Europe. I’m expecting good things from this self-titled debut album.

With impressive credentials like FIGHT THE FIGHT have I was expecting greatness and they did not disappoint! The opening track “Fight The Fight” sets the bar very high with a technical riff that wouldn’t be out of place on a Metalcore record and a super catchy chorus which would be more at home on something more in the Rock spectrum, it sounds like it should me a mess but it really works. When you add in Lars Vegas’ rasping vocals and the occasional death growl from drummer Detyler you get a real sense of energy and passion from the music, it’s really infectious and just makes you want more and more.

I like how FIGHT THE FIGHT aren’t afraid of changing things up, they seem to have a knack to be inventive and are willing to mix things up a bit. Like the much slower “The Other Side”, this is a different cut from the first tracks. It’s much slower and has a more melancholy tone, it almost sounds like a heavier BLINK 182 track…almost. I thought this was a bit risky to break the album up like this so early, especially with heavier tracks either side of it and if I were to be super critical it breaks up the flow of the album a bit but nothing serious and I enjoyed the nostalgia trip back to the days of punk rock.

“Patient Zero” is perhaps my favourite track on the album and here things are getting heavy. Guitarists Lord and Amok provide a mighty riff that you just can’t help flexing your neck muscles to, and Lars proves he means business with his sustained high rasps mixed in with some low growls and the now trademark catchy chorus is there. FIGHT THE FIGHT isn’t afraid to get heavy and prove they are really at home doing it, I’d have loved to have heard more.

Versatility, that’s the name of the game with FIGHT THE FIGHT. In this album they have covered everything from Hard Rock, to Punk and even dabbling in Death Metal. What’s impressive is that they aren’t phased In the slightest and are happy to break as many rules as they want to make their music sound good. Personally I’d have liked to hear more of their heavier side but that’s just me. If you’re looking for something different or something fun then FIGHT THE FIGHT are for you.

Rating 4.5/5

Track list

1.Fight the Fight
2.The Edge
3.The Other Side
4.Perfect Combination
6.This is War
7.My Emperor
8.Patient Zero

Band Members
Lars Vegas, vocals
Amok, guitars
Lord, guitars
HM, bass
Detyler, drums

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