Black Faith – Nightscapes – Review

Author: Craig Matthews

What do you get if you cross Old School Black Metal with anarchic Thrash Metal? Italian three piece BLACK FAITH, and their second full length release “Nightscapes”. With so much emphasis placed on progression and atmospherics in Black Metal these days, I’m looking forward to hearing something with fury AND malice. BLACK FAITH certainly did not did not disappoint, they begin their onslaught with “Obsecratio”. It’s an in your face assault with a solid thrash groove and barking vocals, at two minutes long it’s a short snappy sample of what’s to come and I can’t wait to hear more.

As we delve further into “Nightscapes” I’m not disappointed, BLACK FAITH have really stepped up from that great opening track, and what’s setting them aside from other underground Black Metal I’ve heard is their incorporation of Thrash elements. Many others have tried, but BLACK FAITH’S mixture of furious guitar riffs and Snarls tortured vocals just works. I liked the addition of spoken word track “Intermezzo”, while it’s only short it gave a nice break to the album with its eerie vibe.

From there things change up a little, the general pace gets slower and the whole mood feels much more Melodic. It’s a sharp change from the beginning of the album, but I think it’s a step in the right direction. The whole vibe now is much darker, with the guitar riff creating a much more mournful atmosphere that works even better with Snarls rasping vocals. A standout track from this newer direction is “The Shadow Line” there’s a great mix of Thrash Brutality and Melodic ambiance that gives a despondent back drop for Snarls vocals, “Nightscapes” also stands out for the same reason their melodic groove is infectious and you just can’t help banging your head, or if you are much more civilized you just can’t help some aggressive foot tapping.

BLACK FAITH have well and truly smashed my expectations, they started out with a Black/Thrash Metal fusion and just kept playing with it. This is a tale of two halves, with the first being brutally fast and the second being dark and melodic. It’s a pretty big gamble to change sounds like that but in BLACK FAITHS case it’s really paid off. While not every track has been stand out and one or two did blend into each other, the album on a whole has been excellent, their decision to go against convention and invest in their production has paid off as those crushing riffs are crystal clear. It’s perhaps not for genre purists, but its defiantly for everyone else.

Rating – 4.5/5

Track Listing
2.Culmination Of Injustice
4.Never Eternal
5.In Total Disgust
7.The Shadow Line
8.These Corridors Spurt Blood

Band Members
Snarl – Vocals/Lead Guitars
Hyàkrisht – Drums
Attar – Rhythm Guitar

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