Caskets Open – Follow Nothing – Review

Author: Craig Matthews

It’s confession time here at Metalphobia, mine is that I’ve never been a huge fan of Doom Metal. I don’t know why, it’s just never really stuck with me but I’m always willing to try new things. With this attitude I pressed play on CASKETS OPEN and their latest release “Follow Nothing”. CASKETS OPEN hail from Keuruu, Finland and have been on the go since 2007. “Follow Nothing” is the three pieces third full length album, as well as a few demos. These guys aren’t new kids on the block, so I’m expecting very good things.

Up first is “Birthday” and CASKETS OPEN tick the first box straight away. Their heavily distorted tone is thick enough to cut with a knife and immediately fills me with a quiet sense of dread. What I did like was that it wasn’t just this solitary Doomy tone, Timo Ketola’s angst ridden punk like vocals serve as a great contrast to the rhythm section of the band. On top of that about half way through the track, CASKETS OPEN seem to kick themselves in the arse and we end up with some kind of Doom/Thrash/Punk fusion. It’s certainly a break from the norm and before long it’s got me banging my head and wanting more.

They do not disappoint! As we push through the album CASKETS OPEN’S progressive nature becomes more and more obvious. At one point I could swear I could hear Black Metal in there and while it’s great that CASKETS OPEN are happy to experiment I wonder if they could be alienating more traditional fans. They solve that issue with “Truck In The Mist” this is pure Doom Metal, where CASKETS OPEN head back to their roots and make something that drags the misery right back in. it’s slow melancholy tones and subtle use of effects fill you with that special kind of gloom.

The latter part of the album is a good balance of traditional Doom Metal and progressive elements. With a worthy mention for “The Eater” CASKETS OPEN stripped everything back with this one and its mostly just Timo singing with dramatic drums and the occasional strum of a bass guitar. The overall effect is brilliant; it conjures up scenes of post-apocalyptic hopelessness.

I’m impressed with “Follow Nothing” and I’m finding myself enjoying it much more than I thought I would. The mixture of Punk and Doom complement each other extremely well but I think that CASKETS OPEN do have a tendency to get a bit carried away with their experiments leaving one or tracks sounding chaotic. The rest of the album makes up for it though, and they manage to hit the balance between progression and traditional incredibly well. What’s most impressive though is that they might have made me a Doom Metal convert, watch this space.

Rating – 4/5

Track Listing
3.Truck In The Mist
4.The Eater
5.Dark Left Behind
6.Desert Trees

Band Members
Timo Ketola – Vocals, bass
Antti Ronkainen – Guitar
Pyry Ojala – Drums

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