Insanity Cult- Of Despair And Self Destruction – Review

Author: Craig Matthews

Today we are dipping our toes back into the flourishing Greek underground Metal scene with INSANITY CULT and their second full length album “Of Despair And Self-Destruction”. This Black Metal five piece have been on the go since 2011 and having found a stable line up in 2013 they have released an EP and one full length album.

They aren’t new kids on the block and they are in a music scene that has produced some truly great music recently, so I’m expecting good things out of these guys. Things did start well, the first track “Prologue, The Light That Drowned Itself” introduces the album with a creepy air of suspense thanks to Έκπτωτος and Vohamon picking an eerie and haunting riff, but after four minutes of it I was ready for something with a bit more power behind it, sadly this is where the record started to fall down. “All Now Are Wounds” is the worst offender, the Guitar riff is uninspiring and just seems to blend in behind the vocals of Sacrilegious. The whole thing seems to be lacking in the passion department and is so heavily based on other bands work that it sounds generic.

The problem for me is that every track blends into each other and begins to sound the same. There’s not a great deal of change in the tone, composition or tempo in the first part of the album, with the notable exception being “IX”. This mixes things up with an overall much more aggressive pace and a slowed down break in the middle which gives Sacrilegious a chance to flex his vocal chords and use his rasping screams for maximum effect.

After “XI” we come to “Interlude – The Bitter Wind Of Remembrance” this eight and a half minute long interlude is mostly the same kind of atmospheric picking from the first track, with a minor faster paced riff toward the end. It was getting frustrating on the first track, here it’s infuriating and it just feels lazy. After the Interlude we come to “In My Abysmal Dreams” this is a ten-fold improvement over the first half of the album.  The tone and tempo give a feeling of hopelessness and fear while Sacrilegious makes use of his harsh screams and a panicked sounding spoken word part to finish off the effect and on top of that its catchy enough to stick in your head, it’s like the band finally found their feet.

I had high hopes for INSANITY CULT and sadly I’ve been disappointed, my main gripe with “Of Despair And Self-Destruction” is that compared to some of the great music coming out of Greece it sounds mediocre at best. It’s infuriating because as musicians they are talented; I could hear that in the second half, and if the whole album sounded like that this would have been a different review. But for now I’m afraid this will be one to steer clear of.

Rating 2.5/5

Track list
1.Prologue, The Light That Drowned
2.Seeds Of Lesser Gods
3.All Now Are Wounds
5.Interlude, The Bitter Wind Of Remembrance
6.In My Abysmal Dreams
7.Birth Of Eos
8.Sinister Lights And Manic Depression

Band Members

Sacrilegious – Vocals
Έκπτωτος – Lead Guitar
Vohamon – Rhythm Guitar
Buer – Bass
Beleth – Drums

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