From The Shores – Of Apathy – Review

Author: Craig Matthews

Venice, Italy is arguably one of the most serene and picturesque places in Europe and somewhere you’re more likely to find gentle Opera rather than Death Metal, right? Wrong! Enter FROM THE SHORES and their debut full length album “Of Apathy”, they formed back in 2008 and have been hiding away, patiently honing their sound with only an EP and a single forming their back catalogue. Before we get started on the music itself I have to mention the album artwork, in glossy blue with a great shot of our lord and saviour Cthulhu. It really stands out and sets this album apart and is something that I would definitely pick up myself.

The music kicks off with “This Aint Another Feast For Crows”, this is a short snappy introduction to the chaos that lurks within the rest of the album. It gives us our first taste of the brutally punishing riffs further on and leads seamlessly into “Heaven’s Dark Harbinger”. This is where we hear the vocal talents of Luca Cassone for the first time, his deep growling vocals compliment the aggressive riffs well and with assistance from bassist Theo they give the music a kind of hectic energy. It’s the kind of track that you just can’t stop yourself banging your head to.

One of the best things about FROM THE SHORES is melody, they aren’t happy with simply cranking up the most bone – breakingly gnarly riff they can and growling along with it, they have added a finely crafted melody to compliment the pulverising riffs that guitarists Leonardo Manente and Giorgio Dorigo can produce. “Hourglass” and “Primal” are brilliant examples of this approach, they have the riffs but they added a melodic groove and some superb Heavy Metal style solos, it makes the whole thing sound so much more polished and shows real skill when it comes to song writing.

For a debut album this is brilliant, the time they have taken to release it really shows In the quality of the music. The whole album retains their hectic pace and electrifying energy, through their brilliant song writing and the very talented Leonardo Manente and Giorgio Dorigo. Truth be told I’m having difficulty Finding anything amiss with this album, the instruments are played brilliantly, the vocals suit the riffs perfectly and never show any signs of fatigue and the production is on point. I’ve heard worse from decades old bands. If this is the beginning of FROM THE SHORES then we can expect great things from them in the future.

Rating: 4.5/5

Track list
1.This Aint Another Feast For Crows
2.Heaven’s Dark Harbringer
3.The Constellation Thirst
4.To Rest In The Arms Of Perfection
5.Incest Of The Wretched
7.Opus XIII
9.I, The Firebreather
10.Weakness Of The Flesh

Band Members
Luke – vocals
Theo – bass
Leo – guitar
Giorgio – guitar
Nicolò – drums

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