Engulfed -Engulfed In Obscurity – Review

Author: Craig Matthews

What do you turn to when you need a good kick in the arse? Death Metal, the more brutality involved the better. Todays “Motivational” music hails from Istanbul, Turkey and comes in the form of four piece ENGULFED, and their debut full length album “Engulfed In Obscurity”. Formed back in 2010 they released their EP “Through The Eternal Damnation” in 2012 to critical acclaim. Now they are back to rattle ear drums once again.

After a nicely done instrumental opening track things start to get moving with “The Halls Of Grim Eternity”, there’s a great riff at the core of this track, it’s fast and aggressive but it seems to be drowned out by Serkan’s demonic vocals though I think this is a mixing issue more than anything else. However ENGULFED seem to correct this small issue and their Death Metal machine seems to be firing on all cylinders again.

The title track “Engulfed In Obscurity” is where the band really start to wake up and show us what they are about. It begins its crushing assault with a ferocious riff and hammering drums and if that wasn’t enough Serkans low pitched death growls are enough to make your bones shake. I do have one complaint with this track and that is its length, there’s nothing wrong with long tracks but it just seems to me that they were struggling for ideas and just carried on playing to make the time up. There was very little vocal input for at least 2 minutes, while not always a bad thing I found myself becoming bored with the track.

ENGULFED really come into their own in the last part of the album with “Demonic Manifest Of Devastation” the previously mentioned have been totally ironed out to make this a full on Death Metal Epic. Right from the beginning it’s a violent attack on your ear drums and creates an atmosphere that’s full of death and aggression, easily my favourite from this album.

“Engulfed In Obscurity” is by no means a bad album, There were just a few teething problems in the beginning such as those occasionally overpowering vocals. Once ENGULFED resolved these issues the band came together to make the last few tracks utterly brilliant. It’s just a shame they were there in the first place, especially the length of some of the tracks, by the 7 minute mark I was finding myself starting to become bored. Overall it was a good record, I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do in the future.

Rating 3.5/5

Track List
1.Escalation Of Darkness
2.The Halls Of Grim Eternity
3.Conqueror From Beyond
4.Engulfed In Obscurity
5.Invocation Of Death And Misery
6.Demonic Manifest Of Devastation
7.Inseminated With Demon Seed
8.Mayhemic Flames Of Doom
9.The Blackened Skies

Band Members
Serkan – Vocal, Bass
Mustafa – Guitar
Kasil – Guitar
Aberrant – Drums

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