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Engulfed -Engulfed In Obscurity – Review

Author: Craig Matthews

What do you turn to when you need a good kick in the arse? Death Metal, the more brutality involved the better. Todays “Motivational” music hails from Istanbul, Turkey and comes in the form of four piece ENGULFED, and their debut full length album “Engulfed In Obscurity”. Formed back in 2010 they released their EP “Through The Eternal Damnation” in 2012 to critical acclaim. Now they are back to rattle ear drums once again. Continue reading Engulfed -Engulfed In Obscurity – Review

Eternal Samhain – Storyteller Of The Sunset And Dawn – Review

Author: Craig Matthews

Today we are diving full force back into the grim world of Black Metal with Italian band ETERNAL SAMHAIN. With their first full length album “Storyteller Of The Sunset And Dawn”, formed back in 2006 by Taliesin, the band went through a turbulent few years with a high turnover of members. They settled on a line up in 2011 to release the four track EP “Obscuritatis Principium” and after more line-up changes were made they released “Storyteller Of The Sunset And Dawn”. Continue reading Eternal Samhain – Storyteller Of The Sunset And Dawn – Review