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Iron Reagan – Crossover Ministry Review

Author: Laura Cosheril

It can be fucking hard to keep up with the metal subgenres these days, Blackened Thrash Metal, Avant-Garde Black Metal, Atmospheric Sludge Doom Metal… and the list goes on. IRON REAGAN fall into one of these relatively new Metal subgenres – Crossover Thrash. Continue reading Iron Reagan – Crossover Ministry Review

Kreator – Gods of Violence Review

Author : Laura Cosheril

It’s always a good day when a band you have respected from the very first day that metal music graced your ears releases a new album, it’s an even better day when said band have been going non-stop for three-fucking-decades. Continue reading Kreator – Gods of Violence Review

Phrenetix – Fear (Review)

Author: Laura Cosheril

When one thinks of Lithuania you don’t necessarily think of Thrash Metal… Nevermind female fronted Thrash Metal. Well, let me introduce to you, PHRENETIX a female-fronted Thrash Metal band from Lithuania. Continue reading Phrenetix – Fear (Review)